Why is the class/service not shown on the web/app?

  1. Go to Configuration > Products > Products. Make sure the product is “Bookable via Internet”.

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  1. Go to Configuration > Web and app > Web categories. Make sure the product is added to a web category.

  2. Check “Display period” on the web category to make sure the dates have not passed. If it’s empty the web category will be shown immediately and until it’s removed.

  3. Make sure “Show on customer web” and “Show in app” is checked in.

  4. Make sure the web category is added in Web and app > Apps.

Why is the instructor's name not shown on the class on the web/app?

Make sure the resource for the instructor is tied to a staff:

  1. Go to Configuration > Staff and resources > Resources

  2. Find the resource, make sure the "is staff" box is marked and that it is connected to a staff:


Note! Because of cookies it can take some time before you see the changes on your computer but the customer will see it immediately. Open your website in an incognito window to see the changes immediately.

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